Passion Projects

Brainstorm Media is a diverse team of media professionals with a passion for what we do. Being passionate about our craft is central to our company culture. To fuel that passion, we often take on projects that are of personal importance to someone on our team. The causes we support include: autism, homelessness, opioid abuse, human trafficking, orphanages, seniors and many more too numerous to list. Our support is often in the form of using our professional skills to produce messages for the cause. (We call them passion projects.) In addition, our support is also in the form of volunteering or donating. Whether it involves collecting food and personal hygiene items for a shelter or picking up trash on the freeway ramps, we appreciate the community we live in and want to contribute in the best way we can. And it feels GREAT!

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Clockwise from top Left: Go Red for Women, Presenting to Capital University Students, Go Blue for ASD, Kickbutt Columbus

If you are looking for a way to make a difference, check out these local resources:

We are a small business with a team of less than 20 people, but when we gather our passion, we can make a BIG difference. You can too! Think about your passions, causes that are important to you. Donate your professional services or volunteer if you can. By volunteering you will meet many others who share your passion. Gather your co-workers or join us on our next endeavor. We will post our involvement on our Facebook page and would welcome anyone who wants to help. Just remember to bring your passion to the project.  

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