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2017 Overview Demo

Brainstorm helps Blueprint Columbus

Rosa Parks Day

Motion Graphic Reel

Motion Graphics

Character Animation

Cinematography Reel 2016

OSU Holiday Greeting 2016

Brainstorm Studio

Natural Light


Earle Bruce

Skills, drills, and hard work!

A production crew with “class”

From Horses to Horsepower

Down on the farm


Food For Thought

3D Animation

Horsing Around

Above the crowd

It’s a Jungle


Creating our own “sun”

Right light

Walking through a shot

Virtual Walk-thru

“Tail” gate party


Keeping the Camera Steady

Helping Hands

Camera Motion Demonstration Video

Infomercial with Audience

Corporate Meeting

Business of Businesses

Graduation Streamed Live


Green Room

Radio Spot – American Electric Power

Sound Design

Radio Spot – Adena Health

Dream project?

Gone to the Dogs?

It’s all about the angle

Leader of the Free World-wide

Bill Jingo likes to stay on top of his work.


Outstanding in his field!

Ohio Dominican University: Momentum

Clark Kellogg & friends in high places

Like Toy Story…only sexier

Books Gone Wild

Got Jib? (or Steadicam, sliders, dollies, and tracks)?

Walk for Autism 2013

Gordon’s flying high!

Hot Wheels

Historical Reenactment Documentary

Production studio: for photography too!

Hoop Dreams?

Live audience

Outdoor Ceremony

Faces of Fiat

Capital University TV

ABC 6 Beyond the Game, Austin Dillon

Moved by emotion

Built from scratch!

Next Big Thing!

Crosstown Knock-down!

Audio Studio Specs

Production Studio Specs

How big?!

Mayor Coleman has lofty goals

Live Event Streamed Worldwide!

Something Really Cool

Get the typographical message

Agriculture Demo